Friday, July 10, 2015

Sight Word Homework

Today is the last post about my Rocket and Little Yellow Bird’s Sight Word Program.  Today’s post is about the teacher binder and student homework folder. 

Teacher Binder
Get a binder, dividers for enough of your students and print the assessment book pages.  Place a set of assessment pages behind the divider of each student.  As you test each student, mark the words missed by highlighting the word.  Count up the number of words missed, average the words and decide if the level was past.  If so, give the student the next word cards.  Words should be tested every week. 

Student Folder
Get a 3-prong folder, 3 hole pencil bag, print the label, and make a copy of the checklist for each list.  Once you have tested a student on their sight word level, have them cut up their word cards and place them in their folder, inside the pencil bag.  They will take these words home to practice and bring back on Friday to be tested.  As you test the students on Friday, mark in their folder which words they have past with a check mark or write the date that the level was past at the top.  This lets parents know which words to work on for the week or if their student passed the level. 

If you would like, you can also send home this little choice board so students have a set activity to do with their sight words.  Place the homework sheet on the front cover pocket.  Don’t want to send the homework page home?  Just have students work on their sight word cards at home however they would like. 

And now...for the final can get it HERE at TPT.  It will be 20% off until Monday.  Pick up your copy soon and don't forget to leave some feedback.  I am so curious about your thoughts.  Thanks!

Happy assessing,
Coconut Cutie

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