Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Animal Writing and Fact Family Fun!

For the next few weeks we (my class and I) will be working on animals.  Last we we started with general information about animals (food web, coverings, habitats, etc.)  To review what we learned last week, I had my students do a bit of writing. 

Each student was given a different animal sticker.  They created a circle map with the animal sticker on the inside.  Then they wrote 3 details in each section is, has, and needs. They transferred their circle map information into a tree map to organize their thoughts.  They completed their writing by turning that information into 3 quality sentences. 

We assembled this into a class book about Amazing Animals

This week we are studying mammals.  With all of the fun Easter eggs and such out there, I thought I would come up with something fun to be able to use those fun containers and tie into mammals for math-fact families to be exact.

So I gathered the following supplies:
~Carrot "eggs" from the Dollar Tree
~Stickers from the dollar store
~Mini craft sticks from Michael's craft store

To Make this fun Fact Family Math Center I programed 4 mini craft sticks with fact family information and placed them in a carrot.  I continued until all of the carrots were full.  I also create a recording sheet to go along with it and placed in a center for my students to practice fact families.

Get your FREE recording sheet here

Happy Teaching,

Coconut Cutie