Monday, July 6, 2015

A Little Center Fun

Let’s talk centers today friends.  I found these little glasses, again during Easter time, and I thought they would be fun to throw into my sight word center.  I do not have a direction card because they are just for fun. 

Today I uploaded to TPT a little center freebie but if you have been following along with my blog, you already have them.  They are all of the freebies that I have been uploading the last few weeks + 1 which we will talk about tonight.  You can find it here.    

So, how to organize and differentiate centers?  I mentioned in prior posts that sight words will be differentiated for each student.  Some students will be working on the same words while others are working on easier or harder words. 
To allow students to work independently on their words, I have placed 2 sets of cards in each container according to their color/word level.  When coming to the center, they choose the color of words that they are working on and then do whatever activity is at the center for the day.  And of course everything has to be LABELED.  

So on with tonight’s freebie...

It is called Vowel Highlight.  It is so simple, yet so beneficial for the students because they are not only working on sight words, but vowels and consonants.  All you need for this center are sight word cards, pencils, highlighters, and paper.  Students get a sight word card, read and write the word.  They highlight the vowel(s) and then do it again.  Sorry there is not a pic. again tonight.  Click here to get your center direction cards, including tonight’s freebie.    

Happy Center Time,
Coconut Cutie

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