Saturday, June 20, 2015

What's New?

Hello friends,

I wanted to tell you about a fun project I have been working on.  It has been in the works for a while.  It is a new sight word program that is an all-inclusive program that includes a word wall, homework system, assessments for progress monitoring for RtI, and centers.  The best is differentiated and works on sight words in isolation as well as in context.  AND it spirals.   

This program came about because of several reasons:

 1. I needed a way to monitor my students for RtI as well as a way to PROVE the progress being made {or not made}. 

2.  I have used MANY different sight word products/programs and nothing was a great match for my style of teaching or included all of the components I needed to adequately teach, assess, and support practice of high frequency words {sight words}.  

 3. I needed a way to be ORGANIZED like the way I am organized in how I do my math facts.  SOOO… I took a look a my math fact program {can be seen here at TPT}.  

 I also wanted a creative way to introduce my new program to create interest and I found it in these Rocket books by Tad Hills.

I first met Rocket in “How Rocket Learned to Read” which is how I introduce sounding out/decoding with my students.  That’s for another post though.  Knowing that reading happens with decoding and high frequency words, I decided to take a look at “Rocket’s Mighty Words” and “Rocket Writes a Story”.   I have a writing unit based on this book also found on TPT.
In “Rocket Writes a Story”, I found this fabulous page with Rocket and the Little Yellow Bird and I zoomed into the page on the left.

I loved the quote by the Little Yellow bird when talking about words, “This one is small, but I promise it’ll come in handy.”  And isn’t that so true?  That is how I feel about sight words/high frequency words.  A lot of times, those words are small and they are sometimes hard to figure out, but they are so important in reading and writing.

Because this was such a “light-bulb moment” for me, I decided to make my program based on the books. 

I am not quite finished with the final product but it will be available SOON!  As I put the finishing touches on my product, I will leave with a free center idea everyday until I have it finished. SAY WHAT!?!

 Today, the activity is called “Rainbow EXPO Write”.  You will need a box of color EXPO markers {the amount of markers is up to you}, a white board for each student in the center, and a stack of sight word cards. 

Check back for more tomorrow and see an update of the product.

Happy Practicing,
Coconut Cutie

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