Monday, June 8, 2015

Handwriting Fun!

It's official. We are on summer break!!!  Doesn't it feel good? So good, I feel a freebie coming on.

In my class, I use Frog Street Press' Mr. Pencil, paper,
and Frog Street Live DVD to 
teach handwriting and proper letter placement on paper.  It is a great tool that helps students understand the proper formation of letters by showing letters that fall down from sky to the ground or starting small letters at the fence line and go down to the ground.  In first grade, we use this DVD in the first few weeks to help review proper handwriting. 

This year my class enjoyed this fun play-doh center to practice letter placement as well as their sight words.  It is easy to create and fun too.  Here are the supplies that you need:
*Colorful electrical tape in blue, red, and green
*A plastic tray

To set up the center, put a long blue piece of tape along the top of the tray.  Create a “red fence” along the middle, and a long green piece of tape along the bottom of the tray. 

Place the tray, play-doh, and direction card into a center.  Students will then come to the center and build sight words or spelling words on the tray by rolling the play-doh into letters. 
Start preparing for next year now.  Get your copy of the direction card here.

Happy handwriting,
Coconut Cutie 


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