Sunday, June 7, 2015


Hello.   Welcome to Coconut Cutie's Classroom. This is a blog dedicated to dedicated teachers like yourself. Thanks for stopping by!  

You see, I have decided to do redo. I haven't been as dedicated to my blog as I would like to be but I intend to change that.  Some changes have happened that called me away from my blog so I could focus on those things but now I am ready to spend more time on my blog as well as my teachers pay teachers store. 

So what is the big change...moving to a NEW state. That's right and if you know anything about change, it is a lot of work but can be really fun. I have changed states, homes, schools, classrooms, STANDARDS, schedules, etc., BUT the one thing that has not changed (thank goodness) is that I still teach FIRST GRADE!!!-which you know I love. I am loving my new home, school, and classroom. Gotta love a bigger classroom, right?  It is one to be jealous of :0) and I LOVE it.  I have now had a year in this fabulous classroom and I think I got the classroom flow just as I want it. I will be posting pics as we get back to "Back to School" mode. 

So, back to business. Are you on summer break yet?  I am!  Yay!  Friday, our last day with kiddos, was bitter-sweet as always-ready for summer fun but going to miss my fabulous firstie friends, whom I adored.   

What do you have planned for summer?  I will be doing some traveling but I will also be teaching a couple of sessions at the Frog Street Press SPLASH conference in Dallas, Texas again this year.Will you be there?  A colleague and I will be presenting on the art of writing. Our presentation is titled Don't Let Writing be a 3-Ringed Circus.  There is still time to sign up and you can find the link here.

Here is sneak preview and a freebie of our presentation. Enjoy!  I'll be back tomorrow with a First Day of Summer FREEBIE. Everyone loves a freebie no matter what time of year, right?

Happy summer,
Coconut Cutie


  1. So happy to see your post pop up in my reader! Welcome back!!


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