Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Do you hear from your students, "I'm done!" while the other students are still working hard?  You know that if you don't find something for this friend to do {AND FAST}, it could be bad...that student gets bored, starts talking to others, starts doing something to distract the other...ugh!  

That's why in my room I like to be prepared for moments like those by having an "I'm Done" bucket of stuff.  I want this to be beneficial to the students who are completed with their work, not just a time filler so I came up with this.

When a student is finished with their work, they quietly put their work in the basket and go to the "I'm Through...Now What To Do?" box.  They keep track of which envelopes they have done and not done by using their checklist.

They grab the envelope that they need and take it quietly back to their desk to work on.  On the pocket of the envelope it gives them the directions of what to do in word and picture form.  Inside of the envelope are the recording sheets to complete the task.

In this case, the student has already done envelopes 1 and 2 so they would need envelope number 3.  

Students then keep their completed pages in their pocket {see pictures below} which they just keep in their work in progress folders.  At the end of the month, it gets stapled together, I look at their packet and review what they missed with them, and it goes home.  At the beginning of the month, I put all new envelopes in the box and the process repeats.  


I’m Through” Pocket:
It is simply a 12” X 12” piece of scrapbook paper or construction paper that I folded in half, put a label on it, stapled together, and cut a small wedge out of.  I also laminated them so that they would last for the year.  Each month the pockets are cleared out and taken home to begin the new month.  We attach the tracking page to the stack and staple it together.

I keep my materials organized by putting it all in zip lock bags.

 I put the originals in there as well as the envelopes so when the new month comes around, I grab the bag, make the copies {there are 2 recording sheets per page}, put the copies in the envelopes and put them in the box.  Another month's worth of stuff done in about 5 minutes.  Easy!

Don't want it as a "I'm Done!" box?  That is OK!  These work great for small groups, centers, tutoring, interventions, RTI practice, bellwork/morning work, etc.  The skills get harder each month and continue to spiral.  It should be a review of what they have already learned/know!  Each kit {except for August} comes with 24 envelope tasks.These are great for independent first grades, high kinders, or low second graders.

There will be a packet for every month *except for June and July*.  I have uploaded August {a brief sample}, September, and October.  More will be coming soon!


You can start getting this ready by downloading my FREEBIE *August* "I'm Through...Now What To Do?" kit by clicking the picture below. 

Don't forget to leave me feedback, comments, questions, etc.  Also, don't forget to check out my September and October kits as well! 

Happy Classroom Management,
Coconut Cutie

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  1. I love these I would love for you to make a set for 2nd grade. I am so glad I found your blog and TPT site today!!!



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