Monday, July 15, 2013

Math Centers and a Number Line

Hey friends,

I just uploaded a NEW product today on my teacher's pay teachers store that I REALLY hope you check out.  My kiddos did this at the end of the year and had a blast with the centers.  

Here is what you get...

Animal Antics is a collection of centers to help students practice adding 3 numbers together, subtracting 3 numbers, or mixed addition and subtraction 3 numbers {example: 2+3+5=10, 15-5-4=6, or 12-5+2=9}. The numbers add up to or subtract from 20 or less to meet Common Core and TEKS standards.

All centers come with a brown paper sack label with title of the center as well as the directions, directions for the teacher to set up the center, the center game pieces, and a recording sheet.

What's Included:
Cover-page 1
Photo Examples-pages 2-5
Direction Label Cards for bags-pages 6-8
Insect Match Up directions, center, and recording sheet-pages 9-15
Reptile Room: Add and Write directions, center, and recording sheet-pages 16-20
Amphibian Add Up directions, center, and recording sheet-pages 21-33
Camel Mammal Cover Up directions, center, and recording game mat-pages 34-40
Bird Cage Memory directions, center, and recording sheet-pages 41-50
Find the Answer Fish directions, center, and recording sheet-pages 51-57
Terms-page 58
Credits-pages 59-60

Check out the preview for a better look at what is included!

Insect Match Up

Reptile Room:  Add and Write

Amphibian Add Up

Camel Mammal Cover Up

Bird Cage Memory

Find the Answer Fish

I have marked this for kinder, first, and second graders. If you are going to have your kinders do these centers, add a number line, hundred chart, or 10-frames to the center.

You can get a FREE number line by clicking HERE-Number Line Freebie

All that for only $6.00.  That's $1.00 per center!!!  I hope you and your kiddos love them as much as we did!

Happy Adding and Subtracting,
Coconut Cutie


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