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A Frog Street Press SPLASH Meet Up, Reading Response Journals, a FREEBIE and a SALE!

Hey friends!  It's that time of year where we all try to cram in our professional development hours in because we actually have the time to do it now.  What better way to gain your hours than at the Frog Street Press SPLASH conference!?!  Are any of you going?  I AM!  In fact, I am presenting again this year and I am so excited...and a tab bit nervous.  You and I both know that trying to teach you fellow co-workers and peers is harder than teaching the littles, am I right?   EEEKKK!!!    I hope that if you are attending this conference that you will come check out my presentation "UNMASKED: -Revealing the Story Behind the Words".

Anyhow, this year's presentation is also based on Guided Reading BUT, I am going to focus on comprehension and the use of reading response journals.  I think you know this already but I *heart* phonics but I also love teaching with reading response journals.  There is SO much you can do with them.  I first blogged about this topic HERE.  BUT...I must tell you that since then, my reading response kit has had a *bit* of a make-over and now here is what it looks like...

Now here what is included:  
Directions on setting up the journals
6 pages of “Table of Contents and Directions for Each Page”
3 pages for the 1st meeting
-Reading Rules for Great Readers
-Reading Strategies
-Word Bank {Vocabulary words and definitions}
3 types of book logs
36 different reading response pages for fiction, non-fiction, or both:
-Book Review
-Rate and Recommend It
-Question It
-Retell It {Beginning/Middle/End}
-Retell It {First/Next/Then/Last}
-Setting Analysis
-Character Analysis
-Prediction {picture walk}
-Predict It {prediction}
-Let’s Chart It
-Journal It
-Web It
-Visualize It {visualize}
-Solve It {problem/solution}
-Summarize It {summary}
-Summarize It {Somebody wanted but so then}
-Support It {Main idea and supporting details}
-Decide It {Author’s purpose}
-Learn It
-Share It
-Write It to the Author
-Design It
-Infer It {inference/non-fiction}
-Infer It {inference/fiction}
-“Words to Know” pages {3 pages for 6 words, 8 words, or 10 words}
-Setting Change Up
-Essential Question
-Characters Say and Do
-What the Other Characters Do
-Facial Expressions
-Character's Actions-Can I connect?
-Characters Compare Adventures
-Character Problem Connection
-Drawing Conclusions
-Chapter Book Fun Brochure {2 pages}

I think I added 16 new pages :0) but here is something new.  I have also created direction POSTERS to go with each reading response journal so that you could eventually make this a center after introducing all of the response pages.  

Use these Reading Response Journal POSTERS in conjunction with my Reading Response Journal Kit or separately during reading workshop, guided reading, literature circles, or an other small groups, including reading {read to self} or listening {listen to reading} centers. 

Simply print, laminate, and place these posters in a center and allow the students to work with them. This kit comes in black and white as well as full color. Print the parts you choose to use.

Cover Page {page 1}
Journal Direction posters in COLOR {pages 2-38}
Journal Direction posters in BLACK & WHITE {pages 39-76}
Terms {page 77}
Credits {page 78}

The posters kit is for sale for $3.50 but if you are looking for both, you could save some money by purchasing the bundled kit 

So are you ready for your freebie yet?  Get a sampler from my bundled Reading Response Journal kit.

***And now for the SALE***

All guided reading materials and reading response journals will be 20% off from now until Saturday.  Click HERE to go get em'!

Happy Guided Reading,
Coconut Cutie

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  1. I was at the FSP conference and I'm looking for the mini posters you had displayed on the "How do I read it? board. Would like to print them out to use with the different manipulatives for my Pre-K during Guided Reading.


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