Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Break FREEBIE #6

Ok friends, how many of you have students that rush through their work, forget vital steps like putting their name on it or date, skip things completely, OR, heaven forbid, all of the above! Come on, raise your hand, you know you do!!! I can't count the number of times I have come to a paper to grade and IT DOESN'T HAVE A NAME ON IT!!!! It blows my mind y'all!

Well, I have come up with a little reminder posters to {hopefully} help eliminate that problem. It does require some training, but it has helped most of my students to turn in quality work ***with their name on it*** :0) We know it as "Smiley Work". This is a "go-back-and-check-your-work" type poster.
Here's how it works:
Students will draw a mini smiley face at the top, right hand of their paper by verifying their work. {I even make this a possible point or bonus point if it is done correctly}

*They verify that they put their name and date on their paper-if it is done, they draw a circle. If not, this is a reminder to put it their info on their paper and then they can draw a circle.

*They verify that they followed the assignment's directions. This may mean that they need to look up at the the paper and reread the directions, or look at the board to view the directions - if this done, they draw one eye.

*They verify that the work is complete. This involves checking the page to make sure that all blanks are filled in, or look around they desk to make sure that they have not lost/forgot any cut/sort pieces, etc.-if this is done, they make another eye.

*They verify that they did their best work, meaning good handwriting, quality not sloppy copy work-if they did this, the draw a mouth.

*When all of the verifying is complete, they show they are ready to turn in by decorating their smiley face with hair and ears then turn in the work.

One of the first things that I check before grading a paper is to see if the Smiley face is there. If it is not, I call the kiddo back over before grading it to have them complete it. This allows them the opportunity to correct things one last time. I also take points off it the smiley face is completed, but I can see that they did not verify the work.

In sticking with with "smiley face" work, I also have a poster on my writing bulletin board that includes a "Smiley Face Writing" poster that I thought I would pass along with you too!
It works the same way as the other poster, but this time they are verifying their writing. This is used before teaching the editing process but this helps them to understand that later.

*A circle for name and date {that stays the same}
* An eye for capitalization
*An eye for punctuation
* A nose for spaces
*A mouth for their best handwriting
*Decorate the face with hair and ears when they have done their best work and ready to turn in.

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Happy verifying,
Coconut Cutie


  1. I love this idea!!! I am 2 years from being an elementary school teacher. I am going to still this!!

  2. Thanks! Good luck to you on finishing you degree. I am so happy you found my blog. Keep finding all of the wonderful resources floating around on teacher's blogs. It will help you soooooo much when you get your own classroom. You will already have a ton of free resources at the tip of your fingers. :0)

    I will give you a hint. Start collecting your ideas and freebies and organize them in file folders to help you stay organized and they will be easy to find.


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