Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Who loves spelling?  UMMMM????  Well?????  Since spelling is not always the most popular thing to work on, I like to pull out SPELLING MAN!  The kids love it.

All you need is a spelling man page, page protector, an expo marker, an eraser, and your class spelling list.  Place the spelling man page into the page protector and tada...Spelling Man game.  This works great as partner groups, bellwork, or as a center.  You can even send it home with the students to play with their families for homework.

I like to print my Spelling Man boards off in fun colors just to give it an extra fun touch.  The kiddos play Spelling Man the same way you play hang man (only isn't Spelling Man a much nicer way to say it).   

The student that can guess the word without adding all of the body parts (head, body, 2 legs, 2 arms, 2 eyes, nose, and mouth) wins the game.  If the student can not guess the word after building the spelling man, the game is over. 

Spelling Man comes from my Phonics Fun Spiral Vowel Pairs Part 1 kit found at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Click here to get to it.  Phonics Fun Spiral Vowel Pairs Part 1-A 5 week Unit

I hope your students love to play spelling man as much as mine do.  

Get your very own FREE Spelling Man! 

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