Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break FREEBIE #5

Alright y'all, I must confess something but I'll try hard not to rub it in. I am typing this post on my ipad at the beach while basking in the sun and watching dolphins! YES, DOLPHINS! I saw them the other day too and I tried to swim with them but they weren't havin it :0(  I also did a bit of stand up paddle boarding in the ocean.  That is the board that I used today {it is upside down at the moment}

Anywho, needless to say, I am having a wonderful time and sad to see my time here end tomorrow. Then, it's back to the daily grind on Monday.

Well, back to business!
Do you label everything? I have a way of doing that because staying organized is a challenge for me, especially when I'm trying to finish one week's materials and plan for the next week. My team and I have an awesome plan for the entire year that we all keep in our plan book, in addition to our weekly lesson plan {we always know what is coming up next} so that's not the issue. 

What is the issue is all the papers and activities for the week. So, to help myself out, I created a little spot in my room to keep it organized. See for yourself below:

This is AWESOME if I do say so myself because it allows me to work for the week and also gather/prepare for the next week.

First I gathered some 3 drawer containers, stacked them and labeled them one for each day of the week. After making my copies for the week, I look at my lesson plans and sort the papers into the appropriate weekday drawer. I pull out the papers as needed. I also put any books or tracers, etc. in the drawer as well.

In the blue bins next to the drawers, I have one labeled "lessons for THIS week" and "lessons for NEXT week". These bins are where I keep the bigger items that don't fit in the drawers or the storage baggies for the materials being taught. In the bin for n ext week is where I keep all of the material that I pull for the next weeks lessons.

The green caddy is a new addition to my little organization station and I have yet to place the labels on but I will as soon as I return to school. This green caddy is where I store my file folders {filled with my original copies for each content area} for the week on the right side and on the left side the file folders for next week.

Behind the green caddy is a clear file organizer that houses my copies that I need weekly {center maps, book logs, homework logs}

Your freebie for today is my organizational labels. Hopefully you too will find them as helpful as I do.

Get your organization labels here!

I'm also curious, how do you organize your materials? Let me know! I can use all of the organizational info that I can.

Happy organizing,
Coconut Cutie

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