Sunday, February 5, 2012

More Guided Reading Fun With Sight Words

Hey friends!

Well, I just posted a new product to Teachers Pay Teachers that I would love to tell you about.  I have uploaded a kit to go with my guided reading club Rainbow Reader's Book Club.  This kit is all about sight words.  We all know how important sight words are to emergent reader, but it can be kind of tedious to practice them so....I came up something that my kiddos really love so, I improved it and made it for you! 

Basically how I do it is all laid out in the kit, where I give detailed directions.   This kit includes color-coded sight words (216 of them) that you print, cut, laminate, and hole punch to put on rings.  Also included are assessment sheets, a student recording book, as shown, award pages for passing each color group, award page for completion of all cards, 2 options on how to display your kiddos progress and directions for use.  WHEW!  All that for $5.00.  

This product will help your kiddos to be successful with their sight words and get them reading!!!  They will enjoy the challenge of working up the rainbow as they earn eight different levels of sight words. 
You can get to this product by clicking here, Rainbow Readers Book Club Sight Words

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  3. I love these.

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