Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Mini Get-Away and sale!

AAAAAHHHHH!!!!  Even teachers need some rest and relaxation some times.  So.....Mr. and Mrs. Coconut Cutie went to the beach for the weekend with a few of our friends.  O.M.G!!!  It has been so wonderful to get a little sun on my face and some relaxation time by the beach.  I spent my day today reading at the beach, eating seafood at the beach, journaling at the beach, walking on the beach, playing on the beach...did I mention I was at the beach? WOW! 

So, while I was doing all of those wonderful things...AT THE BEACH...I decided a few things:

 1.  I should blog about this because maybe it will inspire you to get some rest and relaxation.  If you are like me, you rarely give yourself permission to do that.  Go ahead.  I give you permission.  You deserve it!

 2.  I should have a mini-vacay celebration sale for my bloggy and TPT friends. you go.  From now until January 31, everything in my store is 10%.  

Head on over there by clicking here, Teacher's Pay Teachers-Coconut Cutie's Classroom

P.S.  Don't you just love little stilt places, in the sand, on the beach?
It just makes me smile.  :0)

Happy relaxing and teaching,
Coconut Cutie

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