Saturday, August 17, 2013

Everybody LOVES a Sale!!!

It's that time of year when Teacher's Pay Teachers hosts its annual Back to School sale and yep, I WILL BE THERE!!!

I have a ton of things already to purchase in my cart.  As soon as that sale hits...those items are MINE!  I can't wait.  {Am I the only giddy about school supplies?  I have been eyeing the school supplies at wal*mart since what, JULY?  I know, CRAZY!}

Anyways, my Teacher's Pay Teachers store is 20% off everything 8/17/2013-8/20/2013 AND...

Happy Shopping,
Coconut Cutie

P.S.  I will be back TODAY for a freebie!  I know...2 posts in one day...WEIRD but true!

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