Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday is Mystery Monday

I bet you thought I forgot about you.  BUT....I didn't!  Its true, it is getting late and it may be past midnight for some of you and not technically Monday, but alas, it is still Monday for me.  Anywho...let's move on...

I decided to do a different kind of mystery for today.  It is still a mystery by Ron Roy, but this one is from the Calendar Mystery series.  Have you heard of it?  

It is about the younger siblings of the A-Z Mystery kids and some of the main characters are FIRST GRADERS!!!  How fun for my little firsties!  

So...tonight's book  is January Joker by Ron Roy.  The reader's response is a bit different from the others I have been doing for the A-Z Mystery Series.  Rather than doing a spiral for the series, I am just going to make a mini reading response book for each month. Check it out below:

So...what do you think?  Do you like it?  Get your copy of the Reading Response Journal for January Joker here!

I'll be back next Monday for another A-Z Mystery {The Goose's Gold} and the next Calendar Mystery will be in February {February Friend}.

Happy Reading Sweet Friends,
Coconut Cutie

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